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Phone Consultations

Many of the calls we receive from our customers involve the simple scheduling of work they know needs to be done. Your wood stove is used as a primary heat source and the chimney is due for its annual cleaning. Or you’re investing in a new oil or gas fired boiler and the installing company has informed you that your chimney will need a new, properly sized liner. Perhaps you can see missing mortar or crumbling bricks at the top of your chimney and you’ve decided it’s time to have someone take a closer look.

On numerous occasions however, our customers are not sure exactly what service they need. They don’t know the difference between a damper and a flue. They suspect there may be problems with the chimney, but they’re not sure what.

We take pride in being able to offer premium phone consultation services at no charge to you. Because all calls are returned by the owner, you will always have the benefit of nearly thirty years of experience working with you to troubleshoot whatever problem you may be having. There is no better way to determine the product or service that will best suit your needs. And sometimes, when we walk you through a solution over the phone, this free service can result in saving you some serious money.

Why not check us out. Our expertise is only a phone call away.


One of our favorite consultations:

Pointing to the logs burning in the fireplace, one child asked me, "What is fire?" I answered, "Fire is the Sun unwinding from the tree's log... Each ring of the many rings of the saw-cut log is one year's Sun-energy impoundment. So the fire is the many-years-of-Sun-flame-winding now unwinding from the tree. When the log fire pop-sparks, it is letting go a very sunny day long ago, and doing so in a hurry."

R. Buckminster Fuller,
Critical Path

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